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Previous Carnival Programmes

We would like to have an online archive of previous Hornsea Carnival Programmes.

If you have any old Carnival Programmes that you would like to share, please e-mail:


We are able to scan and return any old programmes if you wish.




Hornsea Carnival 2018

will be on July 20th, 21st, & 22nd

The Theme will be "Happy Holidays"


Mellar Christmas A4

Cafe Mellor are doing another one of their food nights in support of Hornsea Carnival on Saturday, March 3rd 2018. The theme will be "An Evening of Food Inspired by Stage and Screen Musical". The menu is detailed below. It is a taster menu and you can try everything - if you think that you can manage it. Previous evenings have been a roaring success and diners have almost been too full to walk out of the door. The food, cooked by Mike Ward (a Carnival Committee Member), has been absolutely delicious and you will be in for a treat.


Cafe Mellor does not have a drinks licence, so you will have to bring your own wine, beers and spirits etc. Soft drinks arer available to but. but you can bring your own. Mike and Ruth will provide the glasses and a bottle opener/can opener and will not charge any corkage. Their will be background music and a musical quiz for fun. The Carnival Committee will also be running a raffle.


So don't miss out and book early.

Stage and Screen Musicals