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Previous Carnival Programmes

We would like to have an online archive of previous Hornsea Carnival Programmes.

If you have any old Carnival Programmes that you would like to share, please e-mail:


We are able to scan and return any old programmes if you wish.



Hornsea Carnival 2019 will be on July 19th, 20th &21st.


Mellar Christmas A4




Monday 3rd DECEMBER  


Starts 6.30pm, Black Swan Brandesburton


Tuesday 4th DECEMBER

Cheyne Walk / Garth, Westgate, Mount Pleasant, Atwick Road, College Gardens, Northumberland Avenue,

Starts 6.30pm bottom of Cheyne Walk


Wednesday 5th  DECEMBER

Ashcourt Estate, New Estate, Carlton Ave,  

Starts 6.30pm at top end of the new estate


Monday 10th DECEMBER

Cliff Road from bus station,  New Road, Burton Road, Tranmere, Mascott Gardens

Station Court

Starts 6.30pm opposite Cliff road bus station


Tuesday 11th DECEMBER

Willows Drive, Southgate, Queens Gardens, Football Green, Beck Side, Marlborough Rd

Starts 6.30pm Heron Car park


Wednesday 12th DECEMBER

Tansley Lane, Pickering Avenue, Rolston Rd , Greenacre Park Ranby Crescent

The Green

Starts 6.30pm Tansley Lane


Cafe Mellor are having another dining experience on the 8th December in support of Hornsea Carnival. The menu is Christmas themed and is a sharing platter, where you get the opportunity to taste each of the dishes. Booking is advised and you will need to bring your own booze (no corkage charged). Booking is essential.

Mellar Christmas 2018 A4 Santa's sleigh santa-claus-animated-gif-6